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What is Black Owned And Operated Community Land Trust’s pilot program eXoffendersVote.org:

It’s a national grassroot organization informing eXoffenders of their right to vote.

Most felons believe their right to vote is taken away for ever and in most cases that’s not true.

We want to push a movement to shine a light on this misnomer.

We want to expose states who wish to or have had this right eliminated to further disenfranchised a large segment of their communities (purposely).

Creating a website (National Organization) dealing with issues concerning eXoffenders in all states will give eXoffenders a go to space to find out what bills to vote for that will help and not harm them.

We will give unbiased information on political candidates who oppose and support their causes.

America has more people incarcerated then any other nation, and its growing. We’re talking every ethnicity, they’re coming home from prison and convictions with issues in common, if we can educate them correctly. . . . Power!

Black Owned And Operated Community Land Trust Donations

We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to increasing Property Ownership and Enterpreneurialism in Black and Underserved Communities.
All the contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided to the donor in exchange for the contribution.